My Projects

I’ve added a new section to this website, and that is the Projects page.

There are lots of things that I’m working on in my own time and I feel they need to be logged somewhere.

I’ve done many personal projects in the past. Little ones, big medium-sized ones. What baffles me is that, a lot of these projects I’ve entirely forgotten about! I find their artifacts here and there and become surprised realising that I did make those! Conversely, there’s also so much detail to the ones I do remember. So, that’s one reason for such a page.

Another reason to record the projects here is that I feel it’ll keep me accountable. Like many other hobby projects, I start making things because I have the itch, but the thing is, I have too many itches! Once one is less itchy (albeit itchy) I move on to the next itch. And this cycle keeps on repeating. Maybe this is the circuit breaker I need to make sure each project is seen through.

Only time can tell.